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Colours of Life 2022:

CPAA brings to you the 18th edition of Colours of Life. The theme for this year’s exhibition is “beAting canceR togeTher”, as proceeds from the sale of these artworks continue to support the treatment of underprivileged cancer patients.

165 senior, contemporary and upcoming artists have participated this year with 216 works spanning various genres and budgets. From a collector, connoisseur to a first time art buyer – there is a masterpiece that will pull your heart strings and find itself a loving home.
After two years when the exhibition had to be held online, this year we invite you to visit Cymroza Art Gallery at 1st Floor, 72, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai from 22nd – 30th September 2022, 11 am – 7 pm and see the rainbow of colours we have created. Together we can beat cancer through ART.

For more details contact  | WhatsApp: +91-95946-09797

About the exhibition:

Colours of Life is Cancer Patients Aid Association’s annual art exhibition and sale of paintings and sculptures which raises funds especially for underprivileged children suffering from cancer.

For many patients, cancer treatment can end up becoming prohibitively expensive. No amount of budgeting can prepare you for all the eventualities of the cancer journey. Unexpected infections, diagnostic tests, newly introduced miracle drugs, all add to the burden. CPAA realised that it was necessary to find a way to raise funds to help patients meet the large expenses required for what otherwise become catastrophic costs.

CPAA’s Dr. Shubha Maudgal and Mrs Rati Datta conceptualized and held the first show in 2005 with the help of Mrs Pheroza Godrej, who gave her unstinting support by opening the doors of Cymroza Art Gallery for the exhibition. This became another avenue to raise funds to sustain CPAA’s commitments towards cancer patients and their families to fight this unfortunate disease. Over time, Colours of life has become one of the largest art shows in Mumbai thanks to the efforts of Piali Syam who helped the exhibition and sale reach greater heights every year.

Indian masters, eminent contemporary and emerging artists give their valuable works to the collection. Works from artists of various genres and a vast spectrum of mediums and subjects make this collection dynamic and irresistible. The vast collection makes it easier for art lovers to find paintings of their choice within their preferred budgets whilst giving them the satisfaction of contributing towards a cause. Happiness shared is happiness earned is what CPAA believes. The faith the artists and the buyers have shown in us has only made it possible for us to surge ahead with our endeavor to bring a smile on every childhood cancer patient and their parents faces.

Colours Of Life 2022

Colours of Life 2021:

In 2020 in view of the ongoing pandemic, it became clear that Colours of Life could not be held physically. It was decided to hold the exhibition online. 136 artists contributed 294 works. The exhibition was launched on September 22nd, CPAA’s Rose Day at a Zoom meeting attended by a majority of the participating artists. The exhibition was promoted online and through advertising on hoardings, bus shelters and in newspaper listings. Art lovers found the new platform easily accessible and helped ensure our success.

On the suggestion of many of the artists, in 2021, Colours of Life was organised in a novel format. Instead of the annual feature, a monthly exhibition was organised. Many artists came forward offering to put up solo shows in support of our cause. Alternate months, group shows with 20-25 artists were presented. A new audience of art lovers has joined our existing supporters, to whom we are immensely grateful.

February (Nawal Kishore Solo Show) March (Group Show of 27 artists) April (Sanjukta Barik Solo Show) May (Group Show of 24 artists)
June (Group Show of 25 women artists) July (Ajay De Solo Show) August (P. Gnana Solo Show) September: Cows and Bulls (Group Show of 21 artists)
October:Abstract Harmonies (Group Show of 25 artists) November (Group Show of 21 artists) December: Modern Miniatures (Group Show of 14 artists)

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