Total Management of Cancer Since 1969


Give a child crayons and paper and they will create a multicolored flower or sunrise or rainbow using every last colour available in the box. But not children with leukemia. Time after time, during the play group CPAA runs for children suffering from cancer, when we put a paint brush in their hands, they choose the browns, the greys and the blacks reflecting the atmosphere, the tension, the pain they and their family go through. Their situation is doubly tragic because they often suffer from conditions which could be treated and cured….if only they received proper treatment. Treatment which unfortunately, is expensive and prolonged. We have come across many children who fought their disease with courage and cheer and who proved to be an inspiration for us rather than the other way around. They were the premier motivational factor behind the fund raising art exhibition, “Colours of Life”.

CPAA’s Dr. Shubha Maudgal an Mrs Rati Datta conceptualized and held the first show in 2005 with the help of Mrs Pheroza Godrej. This became another avenue to raise funds to sustain CPAA’s commitments towards cancer patients and their families to fight this unfortunate disease. Over time, Colours of life has become one of the largest art shows in Mumbai!

Colours of Life is Cancer Patients Aid Association’s annual art exhibition and sale of paintings which raises funds for underprivileged children suffering from cancer.

CPAA has been working to lessen the dire effects of cancer since 1969. There are 1.45 million new cases of cancer detected every year in India, 50,000 of them are children. Childhood cancer is a highly treatable disease, but India does not have the necessary diagnostics and there are too few doctors trained to deal with the increased incidence. Getting these children appropriate and timely treatment, can help us achieve a cure rate of over 85% and save the lives of 17,500 children every year. Nothing motivates our efforts as much as childhood cancer patients, nothing is as challenging and nothing is as rewarding. “This art exhibition is an important part of those efforts. Since 2005 when we started Colours of Life, we have offered total medical, financial, psychological and spiritual care. Because we can now afford to support them from detection to cure. CPAA is proud to report that more than 1,500 childhood cancer patients and their families have been helped. But many more await help. This Exhibition is our initiative to ensure that no child goes without proper diagnosis and treatment or through needless pain.” Dr. Shubha Maudgal, Executive Director, CPAA

Indian masters, eminent contemporary and emerging artists give their valuable works to the collection. Works from artists of various genres and a vast spectrum of mediums and subjects make this collection dynamic and irresistible. The vast collection makes it easier for the art lovers to find paintings of their choice within their preferred budgets whilst giving them the satisfaction of contributing towards a cause. Happiness shared is happiness earned is what CPAA believes. The faith the artists and the buyers have shown in us has only made it possible for us to surge ahead with our endeavor to bring a smile on every childhood cancer patients and their parents face.

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