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Colours of Life is Cancer Patients Aid Association’s annual art exhibition and sale of paintings and sculptures which raises funds especially for underprivileged children suffering from cancer.

For many patients, cancer treatment can end up becoming prohibitively expensive. No amount of budgeting can prepare you for all the eventualities of the cancer journey. Unexpected infections, diagnostic tests, newly introduced miracle drugs, all add to the burden. CPAA realised that it was necessary to find a way to raise funds to help patients meet the large expenses required for what otherwise become catastrophic costs.

CPAA’s Dr. Shubha Maudgal and Mrs Rati Datta conceptualized and held the first show in 2005 with the help of Mrs Pheroza Godrej, who gave her unstinting support by opening the doors of Cymroza Art Gallery for the exhibition. This became another avenue to raise funds to sustain CPAA’s commitments towards cancer patients and their families to fight this unfortunate disease. Over time, Colours of life has become one of the largest art shows in Mumbai.

Indian masters, eminent contemporary and emerging artists give their valuable works to the collection. Works from artists of various genres and a vast spectrum of mediums and subjects make this collection dynamic and irresistible. The vast collection makes it easier for art lovers to find paintings of their choice within their preferred budgets whilst giving them the satisfaction of contributing towards a cause. Happiness shared is happiness earned is what CPAA believes. The faith the artists and the buyers have shown in us has only made it possible for us to surge ahead with our endeavor to bring a smile on every childhood cancer patient and their parents faces.

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