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Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) is recognised to be among the top ten marathons in the world. Cancer Patients Aid Association has been a beneficiary NGO from its very inception. It’s a unique event that brings together corporates, celebrities, sport persons, participants and laypeople who come to cheer. It gives individuals an opportunity to work towards their personal fitness as well as support a cause of their choice. Through this event an individual or a corporate gets a chance to express their solidarity by trying to support people in real need.



At CPAA we believe that the Mumbai Marathon is a time when we can connect to a wide spectrum of people who can pledge to support the cause that CPAA has been working towards for the last 50 years. The funds raised through the marathon are used to aid underprivileged cancer patients with medical aid (chemotherapy), expensive investigations, prosthesis, diet supplements etc. Corporates and business houses, too, get an opportunity to fulfill their social responsibility while participating in an event of this stature.


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