Total Management of Cancer Since 1969
Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a 52 year old non-profit organisation that addresses cancer as a health problem through it’s distinctive philosophy of ‘Total Management of Cancer’. CPAA works side-by-side with the medical fraternity, focusing on activities encompassing Awareness, Early Detection, Support for treatment, Guidance and Counseling, Rehabilitation, Research Studies and Advocacy. The primary concern of CPAA is to meet the needs of poor cancer patients who do not have access nor can afford cancer treatment. CPAA reaches out to patients from all walks of life in every possible way. With five decades of experience in cancer management, CPAA now mentors other health care organisations across India, based on this holistic philosophy and has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune.

In 1969, CPAA’s Founder Chairman and CEO, Mr Y. K. Sapru recognised the gaps in addressing cancer as a health problem in India and embarked on creating an appropriate framework for addressing those needs. What started off as a group of friends wanting to financially support a child afflicted by cancer, gradually grew to become the mammoth mission of Total Management of Cancer.


To complement the work done by the medical fraternity, identifying the reasons that make cancer a bigger problem in India than it needs to be and creating long term solutions.


To be an all-encompassing cancer help agency that works towards patient care, aid and assistance, awareness, early detection, rehabilitation and advocacy.


Individuals in schools, colleges, offices, factories and residential locations received pertinent information about cancer


Healthy individuals screened for cancer through screening camps and clinics


Cancer patients and their families received support


Patients and families rehabilitated


  • CPAA was bestowed with World Health Organisation's award for outstanding contribution in the field of Tobacco Control in 2016 and 2012.
  • Mr Y K Sapru, Founder Chairman and CEO of CPAA was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 by Cancer Care India, an umbrella body of over 50 NGOs from the Indian subcontinent, for his commendable work towards the cancer care mission, at their Annual meeting hosted by the Coimbatore Cancer Association on 16 December.
  • CPAA was declared to be the 2nd highest fundraising NGO at the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2019. CPAA's top fundraiser KVS Manian was recognised for being the Change Legend TMM 2019 and Manish Kothari as Change Champion 2019.
  • CPAA won an award at the mBillionth program held in New Delhi for an app on counseling of metastatic breast cancer patients.
  • Mr Y K Sapru, Founder Chairman and CEO of CPAA was conferred an award in appreciation of his inspiring and enduring commitment in the fight against cervical cancer by Global Health Strategies, American Cancer Society and Women Deliver, at the inaugural ceremony on October 16, 2016.


Ongoing Projects

Adopt a Patient

An innovative scheme between a donor and patient to ensure committed financial aid to needy patients with excellent prognosis.

Eliminate Cervical Cancer in India

Triple strategy for elimination of cervical cancer from India, comprising of Awareness, Screening by HPV testing and HPV Vaccination.

Cancer Support During Covid-19

Support to cancer patients have been impacted considerably since the out-break of the COVID-19 pandemic



No social organization can function on good intentions alone. Social and financial support are what make dreams and plans come to fruition.

Over the years, CPAA has brought on board prominent personalities from all walks of life – the arts, business, film and sports world to give of their time and talents to the various events CPAA organises.

While some of these are entertainment evenings, some are patient-oriented programmes that allow for first-hand interaction between patients and celebrities and some help spread awareness amongst various groups. Needless to say, these gestures give the healing process a tremendous impetus... even when prognosis is grim.

CPAA undertakes these ‘moments in the sun’ events with great ardour and passion. The organisation is well supported by the media and CPAA owes much thanks to the fourth estate for responding readily to the cause – be it awareness, fund-raising or advocacy.

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United community contribution is what makes CPAA what it is today! At CPAA, we combine hard work and fun to achieve our goals by affiliating with individual members of society, fellow organizations/NGOs, community social workers, students, activists and corporate officials to achieve our goals and work in unity towards our cause. Let us know how you would like to get involved. Review our website and contact any of our offices if you are interested. To investigate other opportunities in CPAA, please click below complete the form below and submit it and we’ll be in touch shortly. form