Total Management of Cancer Since 1969

Patient Care

CPAA’s core commitment is to provide help on emotional, financial and medical fronts to cancer patients and their family. It is an empathetic, reassuring, non-medical presence to support treatment and overall needs of cancer patients. CPAA’s dedicated team augmented by volunteers and social workers caters to every need of the patient to make their treatment and medical rehabilitation most effective. While CPAA helps cover treatment costs for the most marginalised of patients, it is not enough to provide one time assistance. CPAA helps patients to foster the funds they have been able to raise and meets any shortfall so that treatment is not abandoned. Our trained volunteers meet the patient at different stages of the treatment process – diagnosis, treatment and follow up and act as a bridge between doctor and patient.

CPAA’s counselors make their first contact with the patients and their families at the hospital or the patient’s home. From finding the right oncologist or specialist to co-ordinating appointments, from finding boarding facilities for patients from out of town to advice on hygiene, diet and nutrition, from financial aid to helping with clothing and providing food grains; CPAA rises to every need of the patient. Less apparent concerns such as guidance on alternative therapies, filling forms, and awareness literature are also addressed

Click to view a list of CPAA’s counseling Cells and Kiosks in Mumbai. (Please note that these services might be disrupted due to lockdowns during the on-going pandemic.)

CPAA’s Adopt-a-Cancer-Patient scheme is one of the many innovative schemes to give, patients with meager financial resources, a more steady and secure assistance to cover their cost of treatment and medications. A fulfilling relationship is grown between the donor and beneficiary, built on authentic updates on a patient’s progress, health and well-being. If desired a meeting is arranged between patient and donor. Should the patient need further treatment at the end of the year or support towards physical and social rehabilitation, an appeal is made to the donor for continued support. Click here to know more

Navya Care: Cancer treatment is such that patients often need guidance on alternate protocols from impartial sources. In such times a second opinion from an unimpeachable authority becomes reassuring. Tata Memorial Hospital, India’s premier cancer treatment center offers such an online opinion service called Navya. Navya empowers every cancer patient, caregiver, and physician with timely, personalized, and affordable treatment plans based on clinical evidence, and real-time expertise of Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) and National Cancer Grid (NCG), a network of India’s leading expert cancer centers. Click to connect.

The Patient Care services offered by CPAA broadly are

  • Information on cancer diagnosis, treatment and side effects through brochures , counseling and advice
  • Budgeted Financial aid to registered patients.
  • Mobilise funds online and through other charitable trusts
  • Access to free or subsidised medicines through ties-up with pharmaceutical companies or pharmacies
  • Medical, psychological, spiritual and grief counseling and guidance by our social workers on post surgical care, chemotherapy, radiation, diet and nutrition at various hospitals treatment
  • Supporting special investigations like MRI, Sonography, CT Scan, etc. which may well be beyond the financial capacity of the patient.
  • Connect with doctors and support staff at hospitals and treatment centers
  • Support Groups for patients and caregivers providing a forum to discuss their experiences, share ideas, and provide emotional support to each other, led by a social worker, doctor or counselor with specialised training in moderating group discussions. Currently run support groups for Breast Cancer patients and survivors, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia patients and survivors and a Survivors Support Group, which convenes once in 2 – 3 months.
  • Free Voice Prosthesis for oral cancer patients and Breast Prosthesis for Breast Cancer Patients.
  • Food Bank for donating food items and dietary supplements to patients and families
  • Access to additional resources related to the treatment and sustenance of the patients.
  • Patient Donor Meets to promote and maintain transparency giving donors first-hand interaction with patients and their families.
  • Entertainment programs to provide the much needed relief from the grueling rigours of the treatment process.