Total Management of Cancer Since 1969


CPAA’s Delhi Branch was initiated in 1979 in partnership with the Rotary Club at the Rotary Cancer Hospital. Today they provide aid and assistance to patients from New Delhi, NCR and the Northern and Eastern states of India through various cancer hospitals in the city. In line with CPAA’s Total Management philosophy, the New Delhi branch largely focuses on activities encompassing Awareness, Early Detection, Support for treatment and Guidance and Counseling. The branch is headed and managed by Mrs. Niharika Raina.

CPAA New Delhi Branch

Patient Care: Patient Care activities are largely managed at the Out-patient department, Pediatric wards and Rajgharia Dharamshala of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Safdarjung Hospital and Lok Nayak Hospital. Medicines such as chemotherapy drugs are disbursed to needy cancer patients referred by the doctors at the out-patient department of the hospital. Special provision has also been made to provide medicines to the patients, in case of emergencies. A playroom is managed by CPAA’s social workers at the AIIMS hospital for childhood cancer patients undergoing treatment and their accompanying siblings who are welcome to spend time here. Games and toys are made available to keep them in a happy and stress free environment. The social workers try and involve the children in simple activities like craft, games, reading, etc. Special activities are organised on Rose Day, Diwali, Christmas and other important days and festivals. Every Wednesday juices and bread buns are distributed to patients coming to the Day Care Unit from the wards.

The Rajgharia Dharamshala (AIIMS) houses outstation patients undergoing treatment in the city, along with their care-givers. CPAA runs various recreational activities for the inmates including yoga, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, singing, dancing, education and lectures on hygiene and cleanliness, nutrition, story-telling, drawing and painting and handicraft. Important festivals and National Days are celebrated with great fervour.

CPAA social workers provide support post-operative support to breast cancer patients at AIIMS. Along with counselling, they are informed about post-surgery care and precautions, chemotherapy, diet and nutrition, etc.

Food rations are distributed to underprivileged cancer patients at AIIMS and other hospices every month, supporting patients and their families who come from out of town.

Cancer Awareness and Detection: Prior to the lockdown due to the pandemic, health check-up camps and cancer screening camps would regularly be organised in Delhi and NCR areas. Cancer Awareness lectures were conducted at schools, colleges, corporates, slums and offices of the India Air force, by our panel of doctors, for marginalised groups.



Global Charity Foundation (GCF):The Global Charity Foundation (GCF) carries out a mission to provide health care and education assistance to the most needy in the United States and India. CPAA’s association with GCF started in 2009, when their Founder President Dr. Reeta Thukral personally reached out to Mrs Kiran Hukku, the then Director of CPAA’s New Delhi branch, with a donation of US$ 5,000 for establishing CPAA’s exclusive diagnostic facility. This led to a long-term alliance with Global Charity Foundation to fund CPAA’s commitment to support treatment, especially chemotherapy drugs for childhood cancer patients.

To date GCF has supported complete cancer treatment (across 14 years) for 300 childhood cancer patients and 12,232 chemotherapy treatment schedules to the tune of Rs. 1.43 crores. These children belonging to marginalised communities from villages in and around New Delhi receive treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The GCF fund gives them a new lease at life by giving them access to free and timely treatment, which would have been otherwise beyond their means. This support is augmented further with nutritious diet, travel arrangement to treatment centres and accommodation costs where required. Most of these children are in now remission and currently leading a normal life.

Dr. Thukral is passionate about this partnership and makes it a point to meet the beneficiaries and their families every year. These patient-donor meets are truly cathartic for both parties. GCF’s unwavering commitment has made a positive impact in the lives of several underprivileged childhood cancer patients. Like a true leader, Dr Thukral not only goes the way but also shows the way. She has encouraged other organisations like the Rotary International Foundation and Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City to follow suit and make significant contributions to further amplify the support provided to the Patient Aid activities of CPAA’s New Delhi branch. This association has further enabled us to conduct cancer screening camps for marginalised communities who have poor access to medical and diagnostic facilities and financially support treatment of several cancer patients. We are grateful to Global Charity Foundation and Dr Reeta Thukral for their unflinching and whole-hearted support to the endeavors of the New Delhi branch.

Connect with us: If you reside in Delhi NCR area and are inspired to help and support the activities of CPAA’s New Delhi branch you can connect with Mrs Niharika Raina at to pledge your support.