Total Management of Cancer Since 1969

About Us

Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1969, that addresses cancer as a health problem through it’s distinctive philosophy of ‘Total Management of Cancer’. CPAA works side-by-side with the medical fraternity, focusing on activities encompassing Awareness, Early Detection, Support for treatment, Guidance and Counseling, Rehabilitation, Research Studies and Advocacy. The primary concern of CPAA is to meet the needs of poor cancer patients who do not have access nor can afford cancer treatment. CPAA reaches out to patients from all walks of life in every possible way. With five decades of experience in cancer management, CPAA now mentors other health care organisations across India, based on this holistic philosophy and has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune.

In 1969, CPAA’s Founder Chairman and CEO, Mr Y. K. Sapru recognised the gaps in addressing cancer as a health problem in India and embarked on creating an appropriate framework for addressing those needs. What started off as a group of friends wanting to financially support a child afflicted by cancer, gradually grew to become the mammoth mission of Total Management of Cancer.


To complement the work done by the medical fraternity, identifying the reasons that make cancer a bigger problem in India than it needs to be and creating long term solutions.


To be an all-encompassing cancer help agency that works towards patient care, aid and assistance, awareness, early detection, rehabilitation and advocacy.