Total Management of Cancer Since 1969


Rose Day, CPAA’s call to connect with cancer in a non-medical way was launched on September 22, 1994. A relief moment, CPAA opened cancer to mass compassion and goodwill. Over the years running, Rose Day has evolved…touched, moved, inspired cancer patients; if just for a while, lifted them out of an abyss to rekindle hope in their lives. It has also raised funds towards CPAA’s long-term goal of ‘Total Management of Cancer’.

The concept of Rose Day came from Joan Shenoy and her faith in the goodness and goodwill of the common man and the ability to draw them into a conversation about cancer in a non-intimidating way. Rose Day has emerged as that opportunity to channelize compassion into a sustainable campaign against cancer.” Nurtured and grown by CPAA’s band of committed volunteers and workers, 22nd September is today observed as National Cancer Rose Day in India.

“The Rose, quintessential symbol of life & love and all things beautiful became a symbolic reminder…that life also has its thorns. So while a rose can’t cure, it helps you endure”  ~ Joan Shenoy.

In essence Rose Day’s objectives are:

  • To give cancer patients a relief moment amidst their grueling treatment regimen.
  • Get society to collectively focus on cancer as a human condition.
  • Bring all the stakeholders into a meaningful interaction through the Rose Day initiative.
  • Find ways and means to bridge the gaps in treatment & care.
  • Raise Funds towards CPAA’s Total Management programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed numerous challenges this year. Unfortunately, amongst the ones most affected are the cancer patients who’ve left their homes and traveled to metro cities for treatment. While we cannot distribute gifts and spread cheer amongst these patients, we hope to keep the commitment to bring them moments of magical relief, with your support. You can help us reach our pledge to support 1,200 childhood cancer patients this year in the following ways:

  • Rs. 2,500 can provide a child Food Supplements every month.
  • Rs. 5,000 can provide a child Food Ration every month.
  •  Rs. 10,000 can provide a child Medication every month.