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31st May is globally observed as the World No Tobacco Day. This event spear-headed by the World Health Organisation was established to call attention to tobacco use on public health and reduce individual tobacco-dependence. There is a strong social and cultural influence that entices young people into becoming smokers. Tobacco manufacturers make liberal use of lifestyle advertising, sports sponsorship and popular role models to convey the message that smoking is ‘cool’. In spite of the clear, unambiguous evidence accumulated on the damage that tobacco causes, a large proportion of policy makers are still unconvinced about the need to control tobacco advertising.

CPAA works in tandem with the WHO and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Government of India) to take this message sto the masses. We believe that the youth, the next generation are best ambassadors for this message. Our programs especially focus on catching the attention of the young citizens of the country, before they are exposed to this deadly addiction. Music concert, street-plays, awareness talks in schools and college have proven to be the best vehicle to do so. Another group that we target are people working in high pressure jobs like the Police force. Our initiative with the Mumbai Police to make their police stations tobacco-free has been immensely successful and hugely appreciated.

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