Total Management of Cancer Since 1969

Rekha Sapru was a columnist with Dharamyug and Eve’s Weekly magazines. She was also a radio and TV artist and had worked with Doordarshan. She was one of the founder members of CPAA. Her husband, Mr. Sapru, started CPAA in 1969, but due to his busy work schedule, the daily running of the fledgling organisation fell on Mrs. Sapru by default. This was a task that she was well suited for, given her exposure to social work from childhood and her column ‘Upchar Samachar’ for Dharamyug where she answered readers’ queries related to medical problems, experience that stood her in good stead when handling the queries of cancer patients and their families.

She was honoured with the Giants Award 1999, in the field of Social Service. Giants International also honoured her for her outstanding contributions at the Giants Anniversary Celebration on the Founder’s Day.