Total Management of Cancer Since 1969

Neeta More is an Economics graduate and has qualified with a course in law. She joined CPAA in 1990 in Administration department, followed by a stint in Fund Raising, before she found her forte in the Awareness and Early Diagnosis Department. She now heads the Prevention and Early Diagnosis Department, which tries to tackle the problem of lack of knowledge and highlights the importance of regular cancer screening and follow up.

The team identifies groups, deliver lectures and arrange on-site camps at factories, mills and offices. Neeta has developed a special ability to reach the influential person in charge and arrange camps where most needed, be it a jails, police stations or even red light area. She has consciously formed alliances with social workers in various fields and organisations and paramedical social workers, to reach the underprivileged. She completed UICC’s APCASOT Fellowship for a study that she undertook on the topic prevention and Early Detection at the Queensland Cancer Fund (QCF), Australia in 2007.