Total Management of Cancer Since 1969

Dr. Noopur Khare, an accomplished scientist, specializes in oncology, drug design, molecular biology, gene expression, and chemo-sensitization studies. Her extensive work in chemo-sensitization to combat multidrug resistance in chemotherapy has significantly contributed to improving cancer treatment. Her affiliation with the Birla Institute of Technology, numerous presentations at national and international conferences, and multiple publications in renowned journals reflect her active engagement in the scientific community and her contribution to disseminating knowledge in oncology. Dr. Khare is at the forefront of cutting-edge research methods, particularly in cancer studies and innovative procedure development.

In July 2023, she joined Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) as a Director, prioritizing awareness, education, and prevention initiatives for cervical cancer. Through CPAA’s Eliminate Cervical Cancer Program, she dispels myths, educates communities about lifestyle factors, and organizes screening and vaccination camps in diverse settings, contributing to both immediate challenges and long-term health improvements. Her passion lies in breast and cervical cancer research and immunology, where she aspires to make substantial contributions thereby positively impacting the healthcare landscape.

Moreover, Dr. Khare has played a pivotal role in assisting renowned companies in establishing their molecular and cytology labs. Her expertise in this area has been instrumental in advancing their research capabilities and expanding their scientific endeavours.