Total Management of Cancer Since 1969

On the basis of the tests, scans and other procedures ordered by the doctors, the stage of cancer is determined.

The numbered system uses stage numbers to identify how far cancer has spread:

  • Stage 0 Cancer : Often referred to as ‘in-situ’ cancer means the cancer cells are still in the place where they started and have not spread at all
  • Stage 1 Cancer: Is small and has only spread a little into nearby tissues. It has not spread to any lymph nodes or other body areas.
  • Stage 2 and 3 Cancer: Means it is larger and may have spread to nearby tissues or lymph nodes
  • Stage 4 Cancer: Has spread to other areas of the body. Stage 4 cancer is also called metastatic cancer or advanced cancer.

In the TNM system, there are three categories:

  • T = tumour
  • N = lymph nodes
  • M = metastases

Each of these categories is given a score, and together these scores show how far the cancer has spread.