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Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) provides a unique online platform to raise funds for patients. CPAA can assist the fund raising efforts of patients who require funds in large amounts by providing an online platform to accept financial support for treatment, from friends, relatives and well-wisher as they may be inclined to give more readily to an organisation who can give them a tax exemption certificate for the amount donated rather than an individual.

To register a patient with CPAA's online donation gateway, kindly fill in the form below. On verification the case will be put up on the Donation Gateway.

Funds received will be ear-marked for the said patient and transferred to the patient's bank account against original bills for expenditure incurred towards treatment and medication subject to our terms and conditions. It is mandatory for the patient's family to update CPAA of the patient's progress via email or telephone every 3 months from the time of enrollment. In the absence of the above, the case details will be removed from the website.

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